luxury vinyl tile (lvt)

Redefine Your Properties With Versatile Flooring

You can trust our consultants at M & M Custom Flooring, Inc. in New Lenox to help you rediscover the incredible versatility, endurance, and affordability of luxury vinyl tiles. We are dedicated to giving your home an upgrade using state-of-the-art LVT and other flooring products at an affordable price!

Our LVT Brands

  • Viking

  • Mokawk

  • Coretec

  • Fusion

  • Shaw

  • Burke

What Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is today’s superhero of the fab four flooring products. Having kept a low profile in past years, this kind of flooring finally reemerged. Just like the superheroes of the past generation, this is not your grandmother’s vinyl flooring. The current LVT is a sleek, upbeat, multifaceted flooring that has evolved to meet today’s flooring needs. It can simulate the classic luster and planking of hardwoods, the full-color palette of carpet, the sheen of laminates, or the smooth texture of stones.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile can go wherever it is needed. With its incredible range of choices, it can add elegance and beauty to your formal living areas, camouflage into an existing décor, or add excitement to high-activity, heavy-duty areas in your home. LVT is also the wonder flooring that will make you marvel at its multifaceted abilities, such as:

  • Withstands Attacks from Forces Such as Water, Mold, and Mildew

  • Flexible

  • Adapts Easily to the Size and Shape of Your Space

  • Adheres to Surfaces Where Other Flooring Products Cannot

  • Is Easily Maintained and Repaired

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Today’s Luxury Vinyl Tile meets the highest standards of modern engineering. Do your home justice with flooring that offers infinite variations of color and style. Learn more about how our team can help you by reaching out to us today. We look forward to providing you with exceptional flooring products and services soon!