Consider The Timeless Character Of Wood Flooring


Character for Your Home

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When creating home designs, one very desirable feature is that intangible quality, character. The rich warmth and timeless beauty of custom wood flooring creates that sought-after depth and character you desire for your living space. Selecting wood flooring gives your home a stylish, classic look that will retain its “Wow!” factor for years to come.

At M & M Custom Flooring, Inc., creating custom hardwood floor designs is our specialty. We take great pride in the individuality, craftsmanship, and performance of our wood flooring designs. With our 20+ years of expertise and our talented designers to assist your personal creativity, we take wood flooring to the highest level of excellence and customer satisfaction.

And yes, all of this is at a price that you can afford. In general, our prices are 30% less than those you find in the large national chain stores!


Let your imagination soarBe inspired!

You envision itWe make it happen!


Decisions, Decisions

Our M & M Custom Flooring, Inc., flooring specialists will help you select the type of wood flooring that is best for you from our wide range of premier options. Whether you are installing exciting new wood floors or revitalizing existing wood floors to their original beauty, M & M Custom Flooring, Inc., are the flooring experts for you.

Our flooring designers will help you create a custom, innovative design to accommodate your personal space. We will help you consider your total design concept and coordinate how your new flooring will match, complement, harmonize, or contrast with adjacent flooring and your overall décor.

We will also help you create the crowning touch in your flooring—a personally selected or designed medallion (see gallery), uniquely yours; your personal stamp on the home where memories will be made for years to come.


M & M Custom Flooring, Inc. specializes in sand and finish wood flooring.  We also carry brands such as Somerset, Mohawk, and Shaw.

Why Choose Wood Flooring?

  • Adds timeless character to your home—wood flooring never goes out of style
  • Versatile—select from: pre-finished or factory-finished wood; smooth or textured or specialty finishes; custom-colored stains; styles and patterns limited only by your imagination
  • Unique—personalized selections create a look that matches your lifestyle and is all your own
  • Increases the value of your home—for many, the most significant financial investment
  • Durable—can withstand high-traffic areas, can be refinished to refresh or redecorate, and will provide lasting pleasure for generations to come

Wood Flooring Products and Installation

At M & M Custom Flooring, Inc., we use only the finest quality hardwoods from the country’s most prestigious manufacturers. Our installers are highly trained craftsmen who provide prompt, courteous service, and maintain high-quality workmanship. All job sites are inspected regularly by our staff to assure customer satisfaction and to maintain our reputation for the high standards of excellence which our 20+ years in the business have earned.

At M & M Custom Flooring, we know our business!

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